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The Swedish Vitiligo Society has a close contact and dialogue with the International Vitiligo Center in Stockholm. Dr Mats J Olsson, international vitiligo specialist and founder of the International Vitiligo Center is on regular basis updating us about the latest status in vitiligo research and clinical guidance and gives lectures every year at the National Vitiligo Day we hold in May in Stockholm for all our members and also others who want to visit and meet us.

I am sorry to say that we have not had the resources to keep the International Vitiligo Center open for patients in the last two years, says Dr Mats J Olsson. 

The aim and intent of the International Vitiligo Center is to respond to a need and demand from patients to obtain an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment of their skin condition. The Center also conducts academic research collaborations on an international basis to constantly be at the leading edge of knowledge in the field and offer the best available treatments with scientifically proven medical benefits to our patients.

Pigmentation is a very complex thing and there are many different causes of loss of pigmentation and also the most common one, Vitiliogo, consists of several subgroups of different aetiological background. Therefor there is a need of a very good diagnosis to be able to suggest the right treatment on an individual basis.

Besides Consultations and medical treatments, The International Vitiligo Center is would leading in surgical management of vitiligo and have developed the pigment cell (melanocyte) transplantation methods which today are the Gold Standard. The methods and results are published in medical/scientific journals and medical textbooks.

The Vitiligo Center has also acquired the latest light therapy unit, enabling targeted treatment with focused UVB light at the optimal wavelength (313 nm) to reach the right biological and physiological benefits in treatment of progressive vitiligo lesions. Targeted (focused) treatment eliminates the risks of side effect on the pigmented skin.

The methods, rationale and results are presented in a light and popular manner to our members at our meetings at our yearly Vitiligo Day.

The Swedish Vitiligo Society has successfully negotiated a 10% discount of all consultations and follow-up visits at the International Vitiligo Center.

The Vitiligo Society is now discussing a possibility to collaborate with International Vitiligo Center in an attempt to raise more research founds to increase the chance for development of new treatments and understanding of the complex background of the disease and thereby ensuring a brighter future for our members and the rest of the affected individuals in the world.

We are open to suggestions from individuals who want to help and to collaborations with Vitiligo Societies and patient groups from all over the world. Together we can get strong.

The International Vitiligo Center is accepting patients from all over the world!

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